Six Reasons Why Your European Automobile’s Engine Is Knocking

A knocking sound coming from your European automobile’s engine is not normal. In fact, this sound can indicate a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Uptown Imports lists six common reasons why engines knock below. As you can see, some of these causes of engine knocks can seriously damage your car or crossover’s engine.

1. Octane

Let’s start with something that isn’t quite as damaging. Most people purchase European automobiles because they are high-performance. If you put the wrong octane in the gas tank, your engine will knock. This happens when the air and fuel detonate inside the cylinders too early and too many times.

2. Timing

The detonation is basically your engine’s timing. The spark plugs are controlled by the engine control module to fire in a certain sequence to detonate the air and fuel in the cylinders. If the timing is off, you will get multiple detonations that sound like engine knocks. This could be a problem with the plugs.

3. Mixture

Your European automobile relies on air and fuel to produce engine combustion. If you have a lean fuel mixture with too much air, there will not be enough fuel in the cylinders for proper detonation. The mixture will be slow to burn and detonate multiple times creating engine knocks.

4. Sensor

Your automobile has a sensor that monitors engine knocking and corrects problems to prevent it. Naturally, this sensor is called the knock sensor. If the knock sensor is going bad, it won’t detect engine knocking or direct the engine control module to fix any problem. Consequently, you’ll hear knocks.

5. Bearings

This is a bad cause of engine knocking. Rods and bearings help the pistons move up and down in the crankshaft. If the rods or bearings break, your pistons will bang against the crankshaft walls. Most of the time, this kills the engine and the vehicle is undriveable until the engine is replaced.

6. Tensioner

Finally, your vehicle’s accessory belt is attached to a series of pulleys that help it spin. If the belt tensioner becomes too loose, the belt or pulleys will slap around inside your engine. This can make it sound as if your engine is knocking when it is actually a loose accessory belt.

Call Uptown Imports in Minneapolis, MN, to schedule an appointment right away if your European automobile’s engine is knocking. You don’t want to wait just in case the problem lies deep within the engine. If you keep driving your car or crossover, you could damage it.