Exclusive 11 Step Repair Process

We challenge you to find another Twin Cities auto repair shop that is this thorough, even among the dealers!

Before we even start working on your car we’ll listen to what you have to say about what’s wrong! Our experience lets us ask questions that help narrow down what may be wrong, even if it’s over the phone. It may not be what you think it is which could end up saving you $. Once you come in for your appointment. We then go to work, here’s how…

  1. #1. We write down exactly what you tell us you are experiencing, all the symptoms and details.
  2. #2. We then assign the best technician to your particular problem based on their experience.
  3. #3. If you’re still here we frequently test drive the car with you to help pinpoint those noises and problems. We always test drive your car to see if we can feel, see, or hear what you do.
  4. #4. Then we go on to look at the whole car, whoever heard of holistic auto repair? We perform a thorough visual inspection, we check out over 47 different mechanical areas of your car! Then we then rank them for you as Acceptable, Recommended, or Severe.
  5. #5. Next, we call you with an estimate based on what we’ve found out so far before any repairs are started.
  6. #6. We only start the repair work once you give us your approval, and only then. Oh by the way to save time often we may have already ordered your parts, anticipating your okay. That saves us time. You do want your car back sooner don’t you?
  7. #7. After you OK the work we provide you an updated estimate of the repair time and when you can plan on picking up your car.
  8. #8. We then go to work and fix your car, right the first time.
  9. #9. Once the repair is finished we test it in our shop on our electronic test equipment to ensure we did it right.
  10. #10. Then we take your car out and perform another test drive to ensure we solved the problem(s). Why should you test drive our repairs?
  11. #11. Finally, we call you and let you know it’s ready to go and arrange for you to pick up your car!

P.S. We’ll even call you afterwards to make sure everything is going smoothly for you and YOUR car!


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