Oil Change

Oil Change in Minneapolis MN

If you could maximize the life of your vehicle’s engine just by doing one thing, would you? Of course, you would! Getting your engine’s oil changed at regular intervals is the most straightforward maintenance you can do to enhance its lifespan.

The motor oil flowing through your engine is what keeps all its parts lubricated, but eventually it breaks down leaving impurities that can build up and turn to sludge in the walls of your engine. By changing the oil regularly, you are minimizing the risk that this sludge can do if left too long.

Getting An Oil Change

Many drivers want to know how often they should get their oil changed. There is not a solid answer but only recommendations. It depends on the make and model of the car, how many miles the vehicle is being driven regularly, as well as the type of environment that the vehicle is being driven in majority of the time. Most cars require an oil change around every 3,000 – 5,000 miles, however, some vehicles can go to 10,000 miles. Also, the type of oil plays a big part in how often you need to get your engine’s oil changed; Semi-Synthetic oil will require to be changed more often than Full Synthetic.

Our technicians are experienced to know what type of oil your vehicle needs and can confidently recommend a maintenance plan to keep your engine running at optimal performance.

An Important Part of Your Preventative Maintenance

Getting oil changes and changing the filter at recommended intervals may suggest that it is routine maintenance, but in reality, it is a vital part of preventative maintenance for your car or truck. You are trying to prevent major damage to your engine by getting routine maintenance completed. If you find that it is not convenient to get your engine’s oil changed, we have a waiting room with WiFi, loaner cars for certain repairs, and we work with Lyft to get you a quick ride.

Make sure to bring your car to Uptown Imports of Minneapolis MN, to get professional advice and quick oil changes. Our technicians will give you a personalized maintenance schedule and get you back on the road fast. We are family owned and operated so once you choose us to be your auto repair and service shop, you become part of the family. Give us a call today to make an appointment!