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Transmission Service & Repair in Minneapolis MN

Whether you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, your transmission is one of the most complex and important components of your vehicle. Without proper transmission care, your vehicle’s integrity and performance will suffer. Luckily, the experts at Uptown Imports are the leading provider of transmission service Minneapolis has to offer.

What Does a Transmission Do?

Your transmission plays a vital role in the overall function of your vehicle. Its job is to supply the right amount of power to your wheels at a given speed, much like a bicycle’s gear shift.

Transmission Service Minneapolis

Just like your engine oil, transmission oil breaks down over time and fails to work as it was designed and should be replaced. Old transmission fluid can cause a transmission to run hot, work harder, and possibly even fail. A transmission fluid exchange ensures that your transmission runs as smoothly as possible.

Transmission Diagnostics

There was a time when diagnosing a transmission issue was a virtual guessing game. Thanks to the expertise of our team and advancements in technology we can now accurately diagnose a transmission problem quickly and accurately. This allows our team to spend less time figuring out the problem so they can start fixing it faster.

The Best Transmission Service Minneapolis Has To Offer

The transmission is a complicated component of your vehicle’s overall system. When it comes time for a repair you want to know that you are leaving your car in the very best hands. We understand transmissions from the inside out and are ready to handle any transmission repair you need. Whether it is a manual or an automatic transmission,  a simple fix, or a complicated repair, we have you covered.

Is My Transmission Leaking?

Your car relies on a variety of fluids to run smoothly and it is always a good idea to know how to identify each one. If you spot a dark red fluid on your garage floor, you may be dealing with a leak in your transmission. Come into Uptown Imports for a transmission inspection.

Transmission Replacement

Sometimes a transmission is simply beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Don’t worry, Uptown Imports is here to help. We understand that transmission replacement is a delicate process and will treat it with the time and care that is necessary.

Transmission Service Minneapolis Near Me

From transmission service to transmission replacement, Uptown Imports is the best transmission shop Minneapolis has to offer. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment today.

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