Engine Repair and Service

Driving an import vehicle comes with luxury and performance. When you notice that you are not getting the performance expected or notice signs of trouble, don’t wait to bring your vehicle to Uptown Imports for a full diagnostic. Paying attention to clues that something is wrong with your engine is vital to preventing more damage.

Knocking Sound

Any non-familiar sound that comes from under your vehicle’s hood is not good and can indicate worn out engine bearings. These important components support all of the moving parts of the engine. When they are not functioning due to low oil levels and high mileage, the engine could quit running. Don’t delay in bringing your vehicle to Uptown Imports to have it fully inspected.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

An enormous amount of exhaust smoke can indicate a few issues. The color can be a clue. For instance, if the smoke is black, there is too much gas being burnt. Blue smoke points to burning oil while white smoke is related to coolant leaks. So, not only is exhaust smoke embarrassing, but it is a sign of an engine problem.

Check Engine Light

Obviously, if you see your check engine light on, you should not ignore it. Even though it can start as a warning for a small issue, not having it checked out by a professional mechanic who can properly diagnose the problem will put your engine in risk of major damage. Our technicians have the latest scanning tools to help them determine the reason that your check engine light is on.

Leaking Fluid

Another obvious indicator that your engine may be having a problem is leaking fluid. There should never be fluids leaking from your vehicle. The main leaks that can affect the engine are oil and coolant leaks. Oil is required to keep the engine parts lubricated and when there is a leak, there is not enough fluid to do its job. Coolant is required to help keep the engine cool.

Decrease in Performance

Is your car not running like it used to? Has the fuel efficiency dropped? Have you experienced trouble accelerating or stalling? If any of these apply to your vehicle, your engine may be having trouble.

At Uptown Imports, our technicians have the experience and skills to find out what is wrong with your engine. All of our work is backed by our 36 month / 36,000-mile warranty. Call to make an appointment or use our online form to pick the most convenient time for you.