Alignments in Minneapolis MN

When it comes to the control and safety of your vehicle, your wheels have a lot riding on them. Proper wheel alignment not only helps ensure that your tires are wearing evenly but also gives you optimal control of your vehicle. When it comes to wheel alignments in Minneapolis, there is nobody that does it better than Uptown Imports.

How Can I Tell If My Wheels Are Out of Alignment?

It may be difficult to sense a slight misalignment, but when it comes to alignment it is easy to feel when your drivability is off the mark. Classic signs that your vehicle is in need of alignment include pulling to the right or left or a steering wheel that is off-center.  If you are noticing either of these issues, Uptown Imports can help. Our team of experts will provide your vehicle with the perfect alignment, allowing you to feel in control and confident the moment you leave our parking lot.

How Does Alignment Affect My Tires?

When you invest in a new set of tires, you want to make sure that they last as long as possible. While there are some factors, including stray debris and nails, that you can’t control, alignment is something you can. When wheels are out of alignment, it causes uneven wear on your tires, causing you to purchase tires before you planned to. Alignments are a fast and inexpensive way to avoid that purchase.

 What Affects Wheel Alignment?

Over time, thanks to weight and pressure, your vehicle’s wheel will naturally shift and move out of alignment. That is why most mechanics suggest that you have your wheels aligned every two or three years. However, there are factors that will cause you to need an alignment sooner rather than later.

Aside from your regular schedule alignments, you should have your alignment checked anytime you have work done or your suspension checked, get new tires, or are involved in an accident. It is also a good idea to have your alignment checked after running over a speed bump too fast or hitting a curb as both can knock your car out of alignment.

Whether it is time for a regularly scheduled alignment, or you suspect yours may be in need of repair, Uptown Imports is here to help. As the premier auto repair shop in Minneapolis, you can always trust your vehicle is in the best hands with our team of experts. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.