Is Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Ready for Summer?

Is your vehicle’s AC ready for summer? You want to make sure you’ve got all the cold air you need blowing through the vents once the mercury rises. Uptown Imports can check your European automobile’s air conditioner now to make sure you aren’t on the road to problems during the summer months. Let’s talk about what can go wrong that will leave you with hot air blowing through the vents.

Does It Have Enough Refrigerant?

Low refrigerant is the number one problem that will make hot air blow through your vents instead of cold air. The air may also be warm or lukewarm. Refrigerant can evaporate over time, and it can also leak out of the air conditioning system at the hose connections. You may not realize that you have a refrigerant leak, as the refrigerant will simply bubble around the connections. We will check your refrigerant levels to make sure that they are normal and that your refrigerant is clean.

Is the Condenser Free of Road Debris?

Your European automobile’s air conditioning system condenser is located directly behind the grille. As you can imagine, this leaves it susceptible to road debris damage. Aside from the damage, the debris that makes it through the grille is small enough to clog the condenser, and this prevents it from doing its job of cooling the refrigerant down.

Is the Condenser Undamaged?

As we just mentioned, the condenser can also be damaged by road debris. If a small rock hits it just right, it can dent the condenser or put a hole in it. After we pressure test your system to make sure that there aren’t any refrigerant leaks, we will also inspect your condenser thoroughly to make sure it is not clogged or dented.

Is the Compressor Working?

The compressor is what circulates the refrigerant through the air conditioner so you can enjoy the refreshing air blowing into your vehicle’s passenger cabin. The compressor likes to work; it doesn’t like it’s winter break. It’s possible that you will turn on your air conditioner for the first time this summer and nothing will happen, and this is because the compressor has malfunctioned. We will test it to make sure it is working properly.

Are the Fans Working?

Finally, the fans can also short out due to a problem in the fuse box or an electrical issue. No fans mean no cool refrigerant and no fresh and cold air blowing through the vents. We’ll double-check the fans to make sure every fan is working as it should be.

Give Uptown Imports in Minneapolis, MN, a call to schedule an appointment for an air conditioning check today. We’ll get it ready for summer.

Photo by Hamik via Canva Pro