Uptown Imports is Open!

Uptown Imports is Open
Auto Repair is an “Essential Service”

Here’s what we’re doing to keep you (as well as ourselves) healthy ….

Until further notice we’ll no longer be able to provide service while you wait. Our waiting room will be closed, all vehicles will need to be dropped off and picked using the methods below…

  1. All transactions can be perform without you coming into the shop. You can drop off without coming into the shop using the “Night Owl Box” on the entrance door.
  2. We have online payments and a lock box (that is disinfected) for keys so you can pick up without coming into the building.
  3. We can provide you a ride to work or home with Lyft, we can do that without you coming into the shop.
    1. Keys, steering wheels and cars are being disinfected.
    2. We are wearing new gloves for each car.
    3. We are using seat protectors.
    4. We are disinfecting all public area surfaces repeatedly during the day.
  4. We are forwarding phone calls to our personal mobile phones after business hours and weekends.
  5. We’ve secured two forms of financing for those that qualify. To learn more or to apply click here.

If you have any other questions give us a call. Remember, myself and my team are here for you!


John Shanderuk, Owner Uptown Imports
1423 North Washington Ave.